Regional Outreach – Amman

Mission Summary

After two-years of remote engagement with Syrian CSSR interlocutors based in Jordan, owing to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the UN Office of the Special Envoy for Syria (OSE-Syria) conducted a first regional outreach mission to Amman on 6 and 7 November 2022. The team was led by the Deputy Special Envoy (DSE) Ms. Najat Rochdi. The team met with a group of six Civil society organizations and had some bilateral meetings with interlocutors. The DSE also held meetings with the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN agencies.

DSE Rochdi briefed on the political process, including the temporary suspension of the Constitutional Committee, noting that the Special Envoy continues to pursue efforts to advance the broader political process as per SCR2254, the detainees and missing file, and its efforts to build trust and confidence via a step-for-step process between the Government of Syria and international stakeholders. DSE Rochdi also briefed the participants on the CSSR activities.

After presenting different developments, participants shared their concern regarding the lack of progress on the political process and the situation on the ground in Syria and of Syrians, in particular women, living in refugee camps. Participants demanded more representation of Jordan-based CSOs in the CSSR and in thematic working groups.

These exchanges are important for the OSE-Syria in order to strengthen their understanding of the perspectives from diverse Syrian civil society actors on key topics, relevant to the political process.