Regional Consultations – Gaziantep

Executive Summary
Virtual consultations were held with two groups of civil society interlocutors (50 participants) in June 2020.

Group 1 reviewed the CSSR process (including the CSSR’s civic and social values); designed future CSSR strategies and interventions (including the CSSR’s role as an advocacy platform and mechanisms for disseminating its outcomes to the wider civil society); and discussed links between the CSSR and the political process. Additional discussions focused on humanitarian issues; the detainees/abductees files; and issues affecting women, children and people with special needs.

Group 2 focused on two main themes, the CSSR itself and issues that it should focus on until the end of 2020. Discussions on the first theme focused on the CSSR’s identity; its internal procedures and structures; and its network of mutual relations. Discussions on the second theme focused on thematic issues including economy and sanctions; the form of a future government; national, ethnic and sectarian sensitivities; and transitional justice.